Lauren - Soprano
Lauren has been a member of the Mass Whole Notes since 2014 and has been singing since childhood. Outside of MWN, she can be found attending concerts, traveling, watching movies/tv/sports, reading or eating & drinking amazing things.
Abby - Soprano
Hailing from Maine, Abby has been in the Mass Whole Notes for 5 years. When this Soprano's not teaching 5th grade, she loves to hike, kayak, bake pies, and spend time with her dapper tuxedo cat, TK.
Shannon - Soprano
Shannon is the Business Manager for the Mass Whole Notes. She is a French teacher at a high school in Boston and loves exploring new francophone music with her students. She also loves drinking wine and making crêpes (pronounced krehps) as any good French teacher should.
Erica - Alto
Erica (alto) hails from Cleveland, Ohio, where she grew up singing in the church choir. She attended Hamilton College, where she sang pretty much all the time, primarily as the musical director for Tumbling After, an all-female a cappella group. These days, Erica spends her days as a biotech recruiter and her nights as a frequent comedy show attendee and occasional improv performer.
Rebecca - Alto
Rebecca moved to Boston 2 years ago from her hometown right outside of Chicago. In Boston, she wears many (too many?) hats - drama teacher, actor, medical interpreter, and Spanish tutor. Once the music director of Extreme Measures A Cappella at Northwestern University, she's extremely excited to be a new member of the Mass Whole Notes!!

Other favorite things besides singing in no particular order: pizza, the color green, yoga, playing violin.
Lauren - Alto
Lauren is excited to be joining the Mass Whole Notes this year! Lauren is originally from Longmeadow, MA and is now enjoying becoming a real Boston-gal. During the day, you’ll find Lauren teaching first grade, and in her free time, you’ll find her singing along to Taylor Swift’s new album, watching The Bachelor, or going on adventures to find new ice cream places!
Sara - Alto
Sara moved to Boston after graduating from Northwestern University near Chicago, where she was President of Extreme Measures A Cappella. A native and devoted lover of Cleveland, OH, she now works at ActBlue, a nonprofit building fundraising software for Democratic campaigns. Outside of MWN and work, Sara can be found listening to podcasts and Broadway soundtracks, cooking, and hiking around New England.
Nick - Tenor
Nick is a tenor who joined the group in the fall of 2015 after Lauren heard him singing along to Bruno Mars at a wedding. During the day he works in the kitchen at Sofra Bakery in Cambridge, where you can hear him singing showtunes while slicing onions and plating fried cauliflower. He is the Mass Whole Notes' designated chef, resident soothsayer, and foremost dispenser of random interesting factoids. His karaoke rendition of Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee" has been known to incite riots.
Patrick - Tenor
Patrick is in his fifth year in the Mass Whole Notes' tenor section. He's lived all across the globe and when not singing can usually be found working on and racing his multitudinous vehicles.
Larry - Tenor
Larry is in his 6th year with the Mass Whole Notes. He likes long walks on the beach, nice dinners, a good bottle of wine, and dreams of retirement. On days when he’s not doo wopping and mmbopping with the Mass Whole Notes, you’ll probably find him brunching with his husband, stage mom and MWN’s #1 fan, Jamie. # jamieandlarrydobrunch

Hobbies include: painting, gardening, collecting socks, and occasionally being salty af
Andrew - Tenor
Andrew was born and raised in New York City but is excited to call Boston his new home. He is an engineer at Sonos by day and a singer, guitarist, and lover of dim sum by night. He also enjoys cooking, long walks, and singing Christmas songs all year long!
Meade - Bass
Meade is a data analyst by day, but by night he sings, cooks, and throws dodgeballs and darts. His signature dance move is "stirring the pot" as he bops to the beat of the bass coming from his own mouth. He loves to play “Guess that bass line” with anyone who will humor him.
Taylor - Bass
Taylor works as an analyst at a local tech company by day when not singing the the Mass Whole Notes. He enjoys hiking, running, cycling, and traveling. He also has a minor obsession with corgis and looks at pictures of them all the time.
Ilan - Beatboxer
Ilan was found living in a well-appointed dumpster in an alley behind Boston Common Coffee House. Patrick heard vocal percussion coming from the dumpster and when he opened it to find Ilan, he exclaimed, “At last! We have a beatboxer!” Patrick delivered Ilan to Shannon and she gave Ilan his place in Mass Whole Notes. Since leaving the dumpster, Ilan has learned to love Italian food and has grown to enjoy karaoke.
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Patrick - Tenor

Patrick is in his fifth year in the Mass Whole Notes' tenor section. He's lived all across the globe and when not singing can usually be found working on and racing his multitudinous vehicles.